Sacramento COVID Relief Outreach Program


To help ensure that all Sacramentans are aware of the resources and assistance available to them as part of the City of Sacramento’s CARES Act funding, local organizations and residents with broad ties to our various, diverse communities are invited to apply to be part of the Sacramento COVID Relief Outreach Program. 

Assistance from members of the community and local organizations is vital to ensure that information about CARES Act resources reaches every person in Sacramento, regardless of background or language barriers. In recognition of the value of your time and expertise, the City of Sacramento is offering the opportunity for reimbursement for your energy on this project in the form of stipends.

This program will run from September 15 through December 30, 2020, and contains a tier system of support levels. Depending on the activities in which an individual or organization has the capacity to participate, the tiers are designed to provide space for many different forms of involvement and outreach. To learn more about the three tiers of participation and support in this program and determine which tier is best to apply for, click here.

Applying to be Part of the Program

Applications for the outreach program are due by Friday, September 25. After that date, applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered based on the availability of funds remaining.

To apply to be part of the program, complete the form below. 

Outreach Campaign Virtual Launch Event

Review Process

1.  The contracted program manager will review stipend applications for completeness, and eligibility. When necessary, applicants will be asked to revise applications or supply additional information; 

2. Complete and eligible applications will then be evaluated by the contracted program manager using a scoring system, placing a priority on the ability of the applicant to reach audiences within the City of Sacramento who could benefit from CARES Act program support, geography, equity, and other factors based on the total amount of qualified applications received; 

3. Based on the scoring system, the amount of total eligible applications received, and the locations and audiences which the eligible applications serve, the contracted program manager will recommend stipend award amounts to the City of Sacramento staff; 

4. The City of Sacramento staff will review the contracted program manager’s recommendations and approve stipends and amounts. Decisions approved by the process are final.