Past Event

Authenticity in Social Media

Nov 18th

When calling a 1-800 line, how often do you wish you could speak to a real person versus an automated system? In social media terms, your followers want to experience a real person on the other end of the phone. How we do this consistently with room for growth is the question we aim to remedy! With our current social media algorithm, authenticity is one of the most crucial pieces in building your brand presence, growing a quality audience base, and moving sales to the finish line. This interactive workshop is designed to give you the tools to build your authentic virtual presence. We’ll cover: – Brand term basics – Discovering your brand’s voice and persona – Your brand’s essence: Venn Diagram writing exercise – Researching and identifying your target audience – Social responsibility in our marketing strategies – Building authentic, branded content – How to write an engaging, brand-focused caption: Writing exercise – How to leave a lasting impression online – The importance of brand consistency