Past Event

Lease Negotiations Training with John Roth & David Smith

Nov 11th

Fitness studios have been some of the hardest hit small businesses by the pandemic. This challenging time has changed business operations either temporarily or permanently, so business owners are turning to their landlords to find common ground. Many fitness studio owners have no choice but to modify their current leases or face devastating consequences.

All business owners want to be able to find solutions, but the process is often costly, challenging and frustrating.

Join us on Wednesday, November 11th at 2:00 pm for a conversation with John Roth and Dave Smith of Cresa. They handle all aspects of commercial leases; including, strategic planning, lease, sublease, building sale negotiations, financial analysis, and consulting. In our conversation we will cover:

  • how to negotiate a lease
  • what to do when the landlord does not budge
  • the eviction process
  • and learn about tenant protections in place in Sacramento due to Covid-19