Past Event

Marketing your Business

Instructor: James D. Aldea, California Capital PTAC Procurement Counselor b. California Capital PTAC is offering a 90 minute hands-on workshop focusing on the Why, How and to Who you should market your business in particular, the product and/or service you are providing. The instructor will provide specific information as to why you should be marketing your product/service, how to market your product/service, and to what particular entity it should be marketed to.
Marketing is an essential role in that a relationship must be established between the customer and the buyer in order to do business with each other. Information must be researched, gathered, analyzed and interpreted in order for a business to decide who to market to and how to accomplish it. Communication on what you have to offer and who wants it will be discussed in order to gain a favorable impression and ultimately a contract to provide your product/service.
In this workshop we will discuss:

Define Marketing
Discuss the product/service that you will be marketing
Show you how to perform market research
Discuss who you should market your product/service to