Past Event

Telling Your Story Successfully to Drive Sales

Nov 12th

There’s one big mistake most Entrepreneurs (us included) make in the beginning. The kicker is that it’s something we don’t even know about. All we can tell is that we are sending out ads, writing posts, and offering coupons – but getting less than stellar results from our efforts. Most of us shrug it off and figure it’ll take time. The customer just needs to get to know us, right? Wrong! The reason why our ad copy, blogs, and videos don’t get traction right away is usually because of this perspective: As entrepreneurs, there are a million things we need to do – everyday. There’s creating the product, then there’s making sales, there’s talking with customers, leading employees, ordering supplies, dealing with problems that pop up, maintenance, etc etc. It’s easy for us to feel like it’s us against the world, and we unknowingly take on the role of the Hero. This comes out in everything we write, say and do – and that’s what our mistake is. In our ads, posts, and videos, we need to make our customers into the heroes. They’re the ones we’re serving. We are helping them as guides in their own epic stories with our product or service. Welcome to Storytelling – this is the class that will teach you how to sell online by placing your customer in the Hero role. In this 90 minute class, we’ll show you how to engage your customers right away by placing them in the Hero’s role. We’ll discuss: – How to tell the right story in digital ads, posts, and in copywriting – Where to find templates for landing pages – Common landing page layouts that work. – Lead generation – Lead nurturing – Cold calling, and sales conversion strategy. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, Register Now for this class Just a small perspective shift will change how you engage with your customers in a way that ultimately drives more sales, either online or offline. Walk away from this class with a Hero’s Journey template and a bunch of other cool tips that will help you increase your sale