Since the onset of the pandemic, the City, using the $89.6 million it received in federal CARES Act funding, has launched and expanded approximately 70 programs to help residents in need.

The City has distributed millions of dollars in forgivable loans and grants to small businesses, non-profits and cultural organizations. It also has dedicated millions to rental assistance and landlord mediation as well as job training and placement.

Click here to view the The City of Sacramento COVID Relief Impact report by the numbers

Sammy Solis #SacYouthWorks Participant

#SacYouthWorks connected local teens with community-based organizations where jobs and trainings allowed participants to get real workplace experience and learn valuable skills in business and finance. Thanks to CARES Act funding, over 1,300 Sacramento youth participated with 52 organizations and demonstrated the resilience of our community when we move forward together.

Sharon Wright Owner of Carol’s Books

To mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Sacramento businesses and their employees, the City of Sacramento committed $15 million in federal CARES Act funding to create a Small Business Recovery Program. Sharon and other business owners were able to use this program to access forgivable loans and adapt her business in response to COVID-19.